What are the Major Golf Tournaments in the UK and Ireland?
By 12 May 2021

Both the UK and Ireland have a rich golfing heritage, with these regions having produced some of the best and most talented players of all time over the years. From six-time major winner Nick Faldo to Ulsterman Rory McIlroy and the underrated Padraig Harrington, the UK and Ireland are synonymous with golfing greatness and some of the greatest moments in the history of the sport. Of course, some of the best and most prestigious golfing tournaments are also hosted in the UK and Ireland, and we’ve outlined some of these events in the article below.

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Some Golf Betting Tips That You Should Always Keep in Mind
By 10 December 2020

Us British love to bet on sports, but golf does not come into the equation when we are speaking about popular sports to bet on. Nevertheless, there are many who love the game of golf and enjoy betting on it every now and then because there is a chance to win decent cash prizes. If you are considering betting on golf, then you need to do yourself a favour and keep on reading.

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These Tips Will Help You to Become a Better Golfer
By 24 June 2020

When we talk with our friends about becoming better golfers, we often talk about the big stuff such as joining a club, having lessons, or switching out your woods and irons with golf clubs that match your specifications. Of course, everything that was just mentioned can help to shave strokes off score, but it is vital to realize that there are other ways that you can improve your game without have to spend too much time or money.

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