These Tips Will Help You to Become a Better Golfer

By 24 June 2020

When we talk with our friends about becoming better golfers, we often talk about the big stuff such as joining a club, having lessons, or switching out your woods and irons with golf clubs that match your specifications. Of course, everything that was just mentioned can help to shave strokes off score, but it is vital to realize that there are other ways that you can improve your game without have to spend too much time or money. We are going to take a look at these right now.


Get Your Eyes Tested

You might think that your eyes will remain good for many more decades, but one out of every ten people in the United Kingdom over the age of 18 reported some sort of vision decline in 2019 - even those who already wear glasses. You might joke with your friends that you can play better when the fairway and the ball are a blur, but the truth is that getting your eyes checked regularly will help to improve you game. You need good vision for aiming, for better coordination between the club and your hands, and eye teaming. The latter is how good your eyes work together (one will often have better vision than the other) and this is important for great depth perception.

Hold Your Pose After Each Shot

Whether it is a chip, a putt, a drive, or a bunker shot, your aim should be to finish the swing in a great position. Why is this the case? Well, this is proof that your swing was properly synced, you had good rhythm, and your swing speed was in the correct place. If you practice getting into a good finish position, then you will soon be striking that ball a lot better.

Do More Walking

One reason why you should walk is that it is good for you, but there is also no denying the fact that you will be more in tune with your game if you walk. If you play a bad shot, then you will have more time to calm down a little before you take your next shot. If you take a shot when you are full of emotion, then it is highly likely that you are going to end up making another poor shot. Walking also gives yourself the chance to look at where your pin is and decide what side of the green you would like to hit the ball to. Furthermore, if there is an obstacle in the way, such as a pond, you have the chance to decide whether it is worth the risk going over it or whether it is best to go around it. None of the above can happen if you get to your ball in the blink of an eye because you are zooming along in a golf cart.


Practice Your Swinging at Home

it is very easy for people to tell you to practice more, but it is not always that easy to visit the local golf course or driving range. However, you can get plenty of good practice in at home in your own garden. Take whatever club you have handy and go in your garden and take 100 practice swings each day. By doing this you can increase your flexibility and strength and can gain more awareness of the club in different positions.

Always Have a Plan When at the Range

We know it is fun to swing as hard as you can and see how far you can hit the ball when you are at the range, but this will often be to the detriment of your game as you will gain bad habits as well as improper muscle memory. What you should do is pick a random target in the distance and aim to get as close to it as possible. By doing this not only will you be replicating what you will be doing when you are having a round of golf, but you will also be giving your driving range session purpose. You should also swap clubs regularly so that you get good practice in with them all.