Dunstable Downs Golf Club is a Must Visit for Any Fan of Golf

By 20 May 2020

Dunstable is a small town in England that you should pay a visit to if you are ever in Bedfordshire. There is plenty to see and do here but, if you consider yourself to be a bit of a golfer, then we highly recommend that you go and check out the Dunstable Downs Golf Club. As far as picturesque golf courses go, you are not going to find many prettier ones than this in the whole of the United Kingdom. From this golf course you can see miles and miles of beautiful English countryside. After you have had a round of golf here, you will want to keep coming back for more.


Becoming a Member

If you live close by and you want to become a member of Dunstable Downs Golf club, then the application process is pretty easy. All that you have to do is download an application form from their site, fill it in, and then take it to the club office where it will be processed right away.

You will have to pay a fee to become a member and their member fees can be seen below:

  • Full Member - £1,335
  • 40 or Under - £1,150
  • 30 or Under - £925
  • Cadet 23-25 - £610
  • Cadet 20-22 - £325
  • Cadet 18-19 - £210
  • Junior 16-17 - £153
  • Junior Under 16 - £120

If you join throughout the year, then your membership fee will be adjusted accordingly. For example, if you join at the beginning of June, then you will pay half of what you would pay if you joined at the start of the year. If you come as a couple, then you will pay only one fee between you. If you would like, you can pay your fees in Installments - half when you join and the rest in January of the following year.


Visiting for the Day

If you are in Dunstable for a short break and you would like a round of golf, then the Dunstable Downs Golf Club will be more than happy to welcome you. However, they request that you are a member of another golf club and that you have a handicap. When it comes to weekends, visitors can only play if they are accompanied by a member. Visitors are kindly asked to register at the shop when they arrive and pay the entry fee. If you want to play all 18 holes, then it will cost you anywhere between £25-50, depending on the time of day and time of year that you are playing.

A Great Clubhouse

Once you have finished your round of golf, you can clench your thirst and satiate your hunger at the clubhouse. Here you will be able to eat some delicious food and drink your favourite drinks, all at very reasonable prices.