Some Golf Betting Tips That You Should Always Keep in Mind

By 10 December 2020

Us British love to bet on sports, but golf does not come into the equation when we are speaking about popular sports to bet on. Nevertheless, there are many who love the game of golf and enjoy betting on it every now and then because there is a chance to win decent cash prizes. If you are considering betting on golf, then you need to do yourself a favour and keep on reading.


The Main Golf Tournaments to Bet On

Before you start to bet on golf the first thing you need to educate yourself about is the different tournaments that you will be able to bet on. If you have an understanding on when the events will be held, you can make sure that you need miss the perfect opportunity to make a golf bet. You will be happy to find out that there are plenty of golf competitions that occur throughout the year, so you will not need to wait long periods of time before you can get your next golf betting fix. Below you can find a list of the world’s most popular golf events and the month that they take place. We cannot specify a date as it is different each year.

  • The US Open (June)
  • The Open (July)
  • The Masters (April)
  • USPGA Championship (August)
  • Ryder Cup (September)
  • BMW PGA Championship (May)
  • The Players Championship (May)
  • Tour Championship (August or September)
  • DP World Tour Championship (November)
  • World Golf Championship (Throughout the year)


The Different Markets That You Can Bet On

There are plenty of different markets that you can bet on in golf, which is why many sports betting fans enjoy betting on this sport. Below we are going to have a quick look at the most popular betting markets.

Tournament Winner

With this market, as the name suggests, you just need to try and predict the golfer that will win the tournament. If you manage to guess correctly, then you will win your wager and earn a tidy profit. If you guess wrongly, then your bet will be lost, and you will lose your money. It is as simple as that.


However, since there are usually around 140 golfers taking place in one tournament, there is plenty of sense in picking someone that is not one of the favorites and making an each-way bet. This means that you will be making a bet on a that golfer to either win the tournament and another equal bet on them to finish in the top five or six - this will be dependent on the bookie you have registered with.

The Leading Golfer After Round 1

Do you feel that one of the golfers will get off to a bit of a flyer as they will be teeing off at the start? By being first to tee off, a golfer gets the opportunity to make use of fresh greens and have no leaderboard pressure on them. This is a great market as it provides golf betting fans with the chance to win by betting on golfers that are known to get off to fliers but crumble as the tournament wears on.

Top 10 or 20 Finish

There will always be those golfers that finish in the top 10 or 20 by do not threaten at the top of the table. Since they never really come close to winning tournaments, most bookies do not pay much attention to them, and they usually have decent odds. If you do your homework, you can make some decent profit by betting on particular golfers to finish in the top 10.